Camporee In The Park

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4/6/14   SUN 11 am GENERAL The 2014 version of the CITP is in the books - great job everyone!

Camporee In The Park 


         Lititz Springs Park

Since 2006, the Warwick-area Boy Scout Troops have joined as one in an annual Community Service event designed to clean-up and ready the Lititz Springs Park to prepare it for another season of events and vistors.  In 2012, the area Girl Scout troops joined ranks with the Boy Scouts in the Saturday morning work details and in 2014, the Girl Scouts fully participated in all weekend activities to make the Camporee truly a "Scouting" event.

For many of the new boys having recently joined the ranks of Boy Scouts, this is their first Troop-level outing and a chance to see just how many of their friends are involved in Scouting with other troops.  "I didn't know you were a Boy Scout/Girl Scout!" is an often heard phrase at the Camporee.

Previously this was an annual community event, but due to changing demographics, the number of volunteers subsided dramatically...thus the area Scouts stepped in to lend their assistance.

In addition to the "community service" aspect, the event has also brought the area troops together to better our joint cooperation and assistance.  There is no competition between the troops for membership as each of the troops has something special to offer the youth of the Warwick area.   The overall goal of all troops in the area to offer programs to satisfy the needs of the area youth - there are plenty of Boy and Girl Scout troops in the area - certainly at least one of them will provide a "match" for the boy/girl and their parents.

The annual Camporee In The Park actually begins with the area troops setting-up camp on Friday night at the AMBUCS field to the rear of the park with inter-troop activities that night.

Saturday morning begins with a robust breakfast, flag cerermony and then the mass cleanup of debris and spreading of mulch, etc. in the morning.

Following lunch for the troops, the afternoon is speant in scouting-related fun activities/friendly competition for the coveted Camporee Trophy (traveling trophy between the troops).

After such a full day, the scouts enjoy dinner and then change into their Class A uniforms for a campfire program of skits, a speaker and then a solemn flag retirement ceremony.   Following the flag ceremony, the CITP trophy is awarded and then the troops retire for dessert and lights-out!

Sunday morning the scouts practice their "Duty to God" by participating in a joint non-denominational Religious Service followed by breakfast and then tear-down of the campsite and policing of the area.

This is truly a win-win event for all concerned!

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